What States Allow Crossbow Hunting? – 11 Great Reasons

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Crossbows are one of the simplest and easiest weapons for hunting among hunters all around the world. You don’t have to have a lot of experience to operate a crossbow. Only if you have a rifle and know everything about it you can effortlessly shoot with a crossbow.

When you are determined for hunting with your crossbow, you have to make sure you have permission for the state you are going to hunt with a crossbow. Yes, authorities do not allow you to hunt with a crossbow in all states. Therefore, it is important to know before starting.

What States Allow Crossbow Hunting?

If you are a hunter and go for hunting regularly, you know that there are rules and regulations for each state for allowing crossbows. Before you hunt with your crossbow, you need to know the State’s crossbow regulatory history and other vital restrictions and requirements.

What states allow crossbow hunting


If you go hunting with your crossbow in Alabama state, you should know whether it is legal here. Fortunately, you are allowed to hunt with your crossbow in the state of the USA. With a crossbow, you can hunt during the deer hunting season. From 2010, the authority allows the hunter to hunt using a magnified scope too on your crossbow.


Want to hunt with your crossbow in Colorado? Well, you can hunt with your crossbow for the big game in the state during the general firearms season. The authority only allows the handicapped hunters and women hunters to hunt in these states with the crossbow. But you need to bring legal licenses and permissions.


The authority of Georgia allows you to hunt with your crossbow for all hunting seasons. You can use your crossbow during the firearms, archery, and primitive weapon season to hunt deer. The state also allows you to hunt deer, turkeys, and small and big games during the hunting season. Make sure you have brought your licenses and permits as well.


Though the scene was not as today now in the state of Missouri. After 2016, the authority allowed crossbows for the hunters to hunt during the firearms turkey season. Hunter of all ages and disabled persons are allowed to hunt with their crossbows. Not only that, you can hunt deer and turkey with your crossbow in the archery season.

New Jersey

The prohibition of using a crossbow for the hunters was eliminated by the New Jersey Fish and Game Council (NFGC) and allowed hunters to use a crossbow from 2012. So, you are now allowed to hunt with your crossbow, and it is now legal for hunting deer and turkeys. But don’t forget to bring your licenses and permissions with you as well.


As a hunter, you can use a crossbow for hunting deer and turkeys. But you need to fulfill the requirements of your crossbow. The crossbow you will use for hunting in this state should be a minimum 100 lbs draw weight and 14-inch power stroke. The arrows you want to use for the crossbow should be at least 16 inches in length.


Before 2013, using a crossbow was not allowed for the hunters to hunt deer or turkeys and small or big games. But the authority has eliminated the prohibition from the hunters and allowed them to use their crossbows for hunting. But you have to make sure that your disability permission is 15 years or younger and 55 years or older. Then you can be eligible as a hunter for using a crossbow.


If you are willing to hunt in Connecticut and have no disability permission, you cannot hunt with your crossbow for hunting, whether turkeys or deer. Because the authority has allowed only disable and women to hunt with their crossbow in this state. So, make sure you have the permission of disability. Also, you have to apply with a statement from a licensed physician.


The rules and regulations for hunters in Hawaii are mostly similar to Connecticut. Because in this state, you are not permitted if you don’t have a permanent disability permit. A physician is required to certify that you are really disabled permanently. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to hunt with your crossbow in this state for hunting deer, turkeys, and small games as well.


If you want to hunt with your crossbow, then your age should be at least 10 years. Otherwise, you are not allowed in this state for hunting with a crossbow in the firearms season. You can hunt both small games and big games with your crossbow. The arrow you want to use must be at least 7 inches wide and not less than 14 inches in length.


During the archery season, you are allowed to use your crossbow for hunting in Texas. Turkeys are deer are also allowed for you to hunt with your crossbow there. The crossbow you are going to use for hunting should be 125 lbs weight and 25 inches long. Also, your crossbow must fulfill the requirements of mechanical safety, and broadheads are legal in this state to use in your crossbow.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have some questions in your mind, right? That’s why; we are going to answer some frequently asked questions. Maybe, you have the same question in your mind, and you will get the answers as well from below.

Can you hunt with a crossbow during gun season?

First of all, you have to make sure whether the state allows you to use a crossbow during gun season. If you have the permission and certification, you are allowed to hunt with your crossbow.

Can I shoot a crossbow in my yard?

Meeting the local game law, you can shoot a crossbow in your yard. But before shooting with your crossbow, make sure you have got permission from the local law and enforcement authority.

Can you use a crossbow for self defense?

You can use a crossbow for self-defense after getting permission from the local authority. Otherwise, a rifle is more convenient for your self defense than using a crossbow because it takes time to reload.

Final Thought

Before you head over to start your hunting trip with your crossbow, make sure the state allows you to use a crossbow for hunting deer, turkeys, small and big games. If you don’t have permission, you should not use a crossbow for hunting. By following the instruction of any state, you can hunt with your crossbow.

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