Crossbow Vs Recurve Bow – What is Right for You?

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When it comes to selecting the right weapon for bow hunting, the most common dilemma is selecting the type of bow. Especially if you’re looking forward to the Crossbow and the recurve bows. Both of them deliver awesome penetration on the hunt or target you have and precise shooting. However, both of them come with their little disadvantages as well, both in design and efficiency.

What are the advantages of both the bows, and which one you should pick up for the maximum output? Well, let’s talk about the pros and cons of Crossbow vs recurve bow; what are the main selling points of them! I’ll get you through the best picks from both the types so that you can get the right bow once you decide which type you’re going for. Stick to the article to get your next hunting or target shooting bow.

crossbow vs recurve bow

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Crossbow Vs Recurve Bow – What is Right for You? 1

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

Crossbow Vs Recurve Bow – What is Right for You? 2

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Crossbow Vs Recurve Bow: What Is The Difference?

Choosing the right type of bow can be confusing if you don’t know how they work and what benefits they come with. Here, I will get you both crossbow vs recurve bow identifications and the best products available in the market:

About Crossbow

Crossbows have been in the field for thousands of years now, and it’s still the most famous weapon in archery. A modern crossbow comes with an external mechanism for the tension lever that helps you draw the arrow. It will have a wide axle to axle tension string that pushes the arrow forward. The design of a crossbow will resemble the design of a rifle in the stock area where you have to pull a trigger to push the arrow forward. You can even use a scope to magnify the target and precise penetration.

Benefits Of A Crossbow

Crossbows can give you a wide variety of benefits as it comes with far more mechanical advantages. Here are the benefits you can expect from a crossbow that can bring you extra archery skills:

  • Learning curves: Crossbows come with far less learning curves than other weapons, so you can get a crossbow and start hunting with it within a few hours.
  • Secure: Crossbows are more secure than recurve bows because they don’t need you to put the bow pointing towards your feet or somebody else, and they don’t have any safety mechanism.
  • High-energy: Crossbows deliver very higher tension energy to the arrow that can drive it to the maximum possible distance. It allows you to hunt animals that require higher energy on the arrow, like whitetail deer.
  • Always cocked: Once you cock and draw the arrow on a crossbow, it will stay cocked on its own and always will be ready to fire.
  • Less physical strength needed: As the mechanical parts are doing the pulling, drawing, and sighting jobs, your physical strength is not that important in operation.

1. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II CrossbowThe Whitetail Hunter crossbow from Barnett comes with an axle to axle length of 16.125 inches when fully drawn. It has an automatic coking device for a convenient cocking experience. For the trigger, it has a custom-molded design with zero-creep release and ADF tech for non-dry fire.

If you need the highest penetration capability out of your Crossbow, especially for deer hunting, it’s the best option. It will produce 350 FPS speed with over 150 pounds of draw weight and 103 ft-lbs of kinetic energy, which makes it the best Crossbow for deer hunting.

It has a foot stirrup with an anti-vibration build that makes no noise or vibration on the Crossbow itself. While cocking and drawing the arrow, the Crossbow will give you maximum safety insurance with its integrated crank on the thumb area. For magnification, it comes with a 4×32 mm scope integrated on the trigger chamber.

Barnett Whitetail Features:

  • This Crossbow comes with 350 FPS of speed and a draw weight of 150 lbs.
  • It has an axle to axle length of 16.125 inches, where you draw it fully.
  • You’ll get the Knock sensor and the ADF system for a non-dry shooting experience.
  • It has a custom metal molded trigger from Triggertech that gives you safety and sturdy feel.
  • The scope for the Crossbow is a 4×32 mm for precise target penetration.

About Recurve Bow

A Recurve bow is more like a straight-limbed bow that comes with no gun-like parts and trigger mechanism. It has only two ends of limbs that curve in and out when you string and draw the arrow or unstring it. However, the recurve bow will deliver a higher amount of energy compared to a straight-limbed bow. They are smaller in size and depend on the amount of force you’re creating on it.

Benefits Of A Recurve Bow

Recurve bows are indeed a traditional weapon that has been here for a really long time and still dominating the sector. Here are some of the most beneficial aspects of recurve bows that make them considerable:

  • Versatile: Recurve bows are the most versatile archery weapon that you can go for; you can take it for hunting, target shooting, or even for a showcase as they’re cheaper too!
  • Portable: Recurve bows fare more portable than any other type as they offer a very small form factor and a good carrying capability.
  • Lighter: You can take it anywhere at any time with a small, compact bag or case, and their weights are remarkably lighter than crossbows and other mechanical arches.
  • Stable: If you use a recurve bow for a while and get expertise, you’ll find it more stable than crossbows because of the weight and compact build.
  • Faster: Recurve bows are significantly faster than any other weapons in archery, both in reloading and shooting the arrow.

2. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve BowThe Takedown Recurve Bow from Samick Sage is a Bow that has both high quality wooden and metal combinations in the build. For the wooden handle part, they used hard maple wood with black fiberglass coaptation on it.

Both the limbs are separately detachable if you want to increase or decrease the weight to it, depending on your body mass. To attach the limbs firmly, it comes with metal limb pocket holes with knobs that you can use to trap them in.

The total structure of the bow is over 62 inches, with which you can use a 58 inches AMO string to produce up to 55 pounds of draw weight. You can draw the bow as much as you need for the shot up to 29 inches back as the maximum amount.

Samick Sage Features:

  • The Takedown recurve bow has up to 29 inches of draw length.
  • You can replace the limbs as per your wish if you need for your body size.
  • It comes with a regular length of 62 inches from end to end of the bow.
  • The drawstring this bow will take in is up to 58 inches with the regular size.
  • It has a strong Maple wood design with black fiberglass and metal structure for the handle.

My Opinion: Which Is A Better Crossbow Or Recurve Bow?

If you ask for my point of view for both the bows, I will put you on two different perspectives as they serve different purposes. If you’re hunting for long distances and need longer travel distance, you have to go with the Crossbow. It will give you a higher draw weight and longer travel distance, especially if you’re hunting whitetail deer or elk. However, if you’re more into short distant hunting or target shooting and need more portability, go for the recurve bow. It’s also an ideal choice if you don’t have a problem with putting in your body strength and have a tight budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent and commonly asked questions about crossbows and recurve bows that you might want to know:

Are crossbows legal for self-defense?

Yes, you can keep crossbows for self-defense if you have permission from the attorney.

Are recurve bows good for beginners?

It will take a few sessions of training to understand the aiming, right draw weight, and tilt.

Is it hard to shoot a recurve bow?

With the right instruction, shooting a recurve bow shouldn’t be a hard job to do.

Final Thought

Archery for hunting is historically and esthetically greater than a gun as it’s the method of our ancestors. Unlike history, we have too many types of them in modern times to confuse beginners. I hope you’ve decided that either you’re going with crossbow vs recurve bow as you now know their differences.

However, if you want to know my opinion on which one is the most capable of any kind of hunting, I can suggest you get the Barnett Crossbow. It has impressive speed and weight to the draw that you can even hunt deer with it. You can operate it with maximum safety and convenience because of the added safety mechanism and metal non-dry trigger.

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