8 Things to Consider: How To Use A Crossbow

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A crossbow is the elastic launching device that is used for target shooting as well as hunting. A crossbow can hold the tension for a longer period of time than the conventional type of bows. You can use it after a little training. If you don’t know how to use a crossbow, you will fail to shoot your target and curse the crossbow.

how to use a crossbow

Are Crossbows Legal In All States?

All states don’t allow the crossbow for the draw weight, draw length, and the size of the bolt. Some states allow the crossbows with a minimum draw length of 14 inches, and the minimum weight of the draw is 90-pound. Some states of North America also limit the size of the bolt or arrow.

Based on the use of bows there are many types of crossbows. Click the following link to know more details about the types of some modern crossbows.

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How To Use A Crossbow?

Hunting with crossbows has become a very popular and exciting hobby to people of all kinds. The process of using a crossbow is simple as you don’t need more strength to draw back the crossbow. Yet some people want to know thoroughly about “ How to use a crossbow?”You can easily learn the proper way of handling, loading, and shooting with the crossbows. Here I have elaborated on the proper use of the crossbows that you must follow at the time of hunting.

Step 01: Load the crossbow and orient the cocking ropes

Regardless of the size, type, and brand of the crossbow, you need to load the arrows in the machine. First of all, place your foot in the stirrup of the crossbow. At the time of pulling the string back with the cocking ropers, you should ensure that you have planted the crossbow in the ground. Then orient your cooking ropes. Pulling back the bowstring correctly is a crucial thing for perfectly hunting. To tighten the cooking ropes at the time of pulling on the ropes, you need to put the middle of the cooking ropes in the groove.

Step 02: Placing the bowstring correctly

All modern crossbows have a groove to place the middle of the bowstring on the groove. Placing the middle of the bowstring on the groove creates tight tension when pulling the bowstring back. Ensure that the cocking ropes are on the bowstrings with the hooks facing away from you. You also should ensure that you have placed the cocking hooks on either side of the barrel. Mark the location on the bowstring with a market for better accuracy.

Step 03: Pulling the ropes to keep the handles evenly

You need to pull the ropes slightly to ensure the consistency in accuracy and pull the bowstring easier. You also need to pull until you hear at least 2 to 3 clicks. Sharps clicks after pulling back in one forceful, and fluid motion help to know you that the bowstring is ready for the position.

Step 04: Keeping one bolt in the barrel groove

In this step, place the odd colored fletching down in the barrel grove. Failure to place in the right way leads to damage in the crossbow.

Step 05: Start shooting with a crossbow

Most of the crossbows have a clip that facilitates keeping the bolt. You should flick the crossbow off of safe to prevent the misfires and accidental discharge. At the time of the shooting, take an athletic stance, and aim down the sights of the crossbow. You also should place your fingure on the trigger in the right way and squeeze the trigger at the time of exhaling. Don’t jerk the crossbow at the time, squeezing to ensure the accuracy.

This is the common way of using a crossbow. Using the compound bow is complex and takes more strength and energy to fire. Click the following link to know the detailed differences between the compound bow and the crossbow.

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How To Choose A Crossbow?

Although using a crossbow is simpler than that of the compound bow and guns. Choosing the wrong crossbow can deteriorate the experience of hunting.  Regardless of the type, size, and the brand you buy, you need to consider the following things when choosing a crossbow.

The purpose

Some people buy a crossbow for target shooting, and the others use a crossbow for hunting. There are many crossbows in the market, and you need to choose the best one based on purposes. There are different types of crossbows, such as rifle crossbow, repeating crossbows, compound crossbows, and recurve crossbows. The recurve crossbow has a more simple and basic design. You can easily maintain the recurve crossbow and replace the strings virtually without the help of experts. On the other hand, the compound crossbows are heavier than the recurve crossbow.


The weight of the crossbow is a great factor at the time of choosing crossbows. If you buy a lightweight crossbow, you can carry it at the time of travel on foot. You can easily carry a crossbow anywhere you want and can shoot perfectly. The standard weight of the most quality hunting crossbows ranges from 150 pounds to 175 pounds.

The speed of the arrow

The speed of the crossbow depends on the weight of the draw. You can increase the speed of the crossbow by increasing the weight of the draw weight.

Scope Sight

You can target your hunting animals more accurately and easily using a scope. Buy a scope that is easy to use and facilities to aim the target more easily and accurately.

The Quality of the arrows

Only high-quality arrows can fly like a laser beam, and some low-quality arrows fly like knuckleballs. You should use the arrows that are specially designed for the crossbow shooting and also ensure that they all have nock. Both carbon arrows and aluminum arrows are very popular in the market. If you want to shoot accurately every time, you should use a carbon made arrow.

These are the basic considerations that you must consider at the time of choosing a crossbow. If you want to buy a complete crossbow buying guide, click the following link.

Note: Crossbow buying guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Are crossbows legal for self-defense?

Using a crossbow is easy; you can’t aim in the same range as the gunfire. So, using crossbows is not good for self-defense.

Can you shoot a crossbow in your backyard?

The practicing of the crossbow depends on the place you are dwelling in. Some communities and provinces allow practice with a crossbow in the backyard, and the others don’t allow.

Can I shoot my bow in a public park?

If the public park has a separate place for practicing archery, you can shoot a bow in the park. But you should be careful so that no danger can happen at the time of the shooting.

Final Thought

The crossbow has been a popular tool for hunting and target shooting. Hunting and target shooting with the guns and the compound bow is very tough. People who have disabilities can’t use compound bows because they require more strength and time.

For this reason, you can miss the target and miss the hunting animals. Knowing how to use a crossbow will enable you to get the maximum benefits and shoot your target every time.

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