How To Choose A Crossbow – 9 Reason You Should Know

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A crossbow is a great option for archery with far less learning curves compared to compound bows. They come with a silent and faster solution to modern hunting technologies. Because of the crossbow’s easy yet highly effective usability, people are getting more into them. To fulfill different kinds of demands of hunters and to ensure higher penetration, manufacturers expand their crossbow line up.

With so many options in the crossbow lineups, you may get confused about which one you should go with. Deciding how to choose a crossbow and what features you should look for is a big question that I’m going to answer today. Stick to the article to know what makes a crossbow deliver the best performance and which ones you must check for.

how to choose a crossbow

Types Of Crossbows

While shopping for crossbows, you’ll find that different types of crossbows are well capable of confusing you. Here are the most common types of crossbows you can find in the market:

  • Repeating Crossbows: It’s the most convenient crossbow because it requires only a single movement to execute a shot. You have to pull the string, and the arrow will get on its place from the housing.
  • Compound Crossbows: These are different from compound bows. They come with pulleys to draw the string; you need two hands to pull it back, one at a time.
  • Recurve Crossbows: You’ll have to hold it with your feet on the holder in the front and pull the drawstring back to the lever, then you can put in the arrow and shoot. It takes more strength than any other crossbow type.
  • Rifle Crossbow: They are a hybrid of modern crossbows and the designs of rifles. They come with a higher tension in the string and higher penetration in the draw. You’ll use bigger scopes than other crossbows with this type.
  • Reverse Draw Limbs Crossbows: This type is new to the industry, and their limbs are reversed with better weight distribution to the shooter rather than the trigger.

How To Choose A Crossbow?

Choosing the right crossbow requires you to understand what features make a crossbow perform the best. Here is how to choose a crossbow and what things you must look for while buying one:

One-handed or two-handed?

Before taking other considerations, you must choose which type of crossbow you’re going for. Although the two-handed crossbows are more common, you may want to have a one-handed one, especially if you have a disability. Otherwise, a full-size two-handed crossbow is the best option either you’re a beginner or a professional. A one-handed or smaller one also can be the best crossbow for beginners.

Compound or Recurve type?

Selecting the preferred type of crossbow is very important, and it depends on the personal choice entirely. If you have enough physical strength and the stamina to operate, a Recurve crossbow will be better as they make less noise. Compound crossbows are also a good choice if you want high penetration with fewer works into it. Go for a repeating crossbow if you prefer the least amount of work.

How much speed will you get from it?

While choosing the crossbow, you must check how much speed it’s capable of making. For example, if you’re planning to hunt elks, you must go for a crossbow that has at least 300 FPS to it. However, the speed requirement for whitetail deer is much less than that. You can easily hunt a deer with 250 FPS speed in your crossbow. If you want the maximum strength, you can go up to 400 FPS with a much higher capacity.

Does the frame fit your stature?

The crossbow must fit your body structure very well to give you the maximum ease and comfort while operating it. See if the stock portion of the crossbow will fit your shoulder well, and the trigger housing is big enough to fit your finger. It’s like picking up your shoes; you can put it on, but cannot keep wearing them. Be sure to check the frame size, possibly try it on before making the purchase.

Consider the right size of the crossbow

The size of the crossbow is severely important if you’re getting it for hunting. It will affect the hunting experience for sure; the smaller the size of the crossbow, the better it will be for hunting. But, make sure the smaller size of the crossbow doesn’t impact the speed and penetration. However, the size of the crossbow doesn’t matter that much if you’re getting it for target shooting.

Does it have a suppressor to reduce noise?

Because of the higher strength in the drawstring of the crossbow, it will make noise unless you can reduce that. A suppressor on the end of the drawstring where it’s going to hit after shooting will reduce the noise. So, consider having a built-in suppressor to get a quiet operation while hunting and check how much noise it makes.

Don’t miss the scope type and quality

Most of the crossbows come with scopes built-in, make sure you’re getting the best quality scope with your crossbow. Try to get a scope that has higher magnification to it with an illuminated dotted sight on the lens. A three-dot sight is a perfect scope for different distances. The top dot to the bottom dots will guide you precise target from 20 to 50 yards or more by illuminating the dot.

Consider the trigger system

The trigger mechanism of a crossbow resembles a gun or rifle trigger mechanism. Consider getting a non-dry trigger system for maximum smoothness in the shooting or hunting. It will help you get a better penetration without hesitating on the trigger without getting jammed. Also, make sure the trigger has an auto engaging safety mechanism to turn on the safety when you draw the arrow. It helps you stay out of danger, like shooting your own feet.

Stock and foregrip adjustability

Every crossbow will come with stock for your shoulder and a foregrip to hold onto the crossbow. Make sure they are both adjustable according to your shoulder and hand size. You must be able to adjust them with optimal comfort and ease to get a sturdy grip on your weapon.

Benefits Of A Crossbow

Crossbows are more efficient in so many aspects compared to other archeries. Here are the most important benefits of a crossbow that can impress you for sure:

  • Easier to learn: Crossbows are the easiest method in archery and hunting, which comes with the least amount of learning curves.
  • Quite hunting: Making shooting noise while hunting isn’t a thing you want; crossbows make almost no sound while you’re shooting.
  • Higher penetration: Crossbows give you higher penetration and travel distance than regular compounds because they have mechanical strength.
  • You’re always ready: You can draw an arrow and wait for the target, and you don’t have to waste time putting on the arrow, which is true for compound bows.
  • Needs no physical strength: Crossbows don’t need you to put on your physical strength on the arrow to draw every arrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent questions about crossbows that you might have an interest in:

Should I hunt with a crossbow?

You can hunt with crossbows very well as they don’t make noise and they cock like rifles.

How fast does a crossbow shoot in mph?

You can shoot with a crossbow at up to 276 miles per hour or 405 FPS.

How far can a crossbow shoot accurately?

A crossbow will shoot accurately up to 500 yards if you can aim correctly.

Final Thought

Getting the proper crossbow for hunting or target shooting will be much easier if you can look for the right features in it. Now, as you know how to choose a crossbow for yourself, make sure to double-check the safety features and the speed it has.

If you don’t have enough speed, you won’t be able to go hunting for different animals. With fewer safety features, you might end up getting injured yourself or some other people. No matter if you’re shooting targets or hunting animals, your and your fellow buddy’s safety comes first.

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