How to String a Crossbow? Stringing by your hands 2021

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Crossbows are one of the popular and most accessible hunting tools among the hunter worldwide. A man who can shoot with his rifle can operate a crossbow comfortably. Still, you need to know some techniques for your crossbow. Most importantly, you should know how to string a crossbow? Otherwise, you cannot make any shots towards your target animal, whether it is a deer or turkey.

You can string your crossbow in two different ways. They are with your hands, and another is with the help of a cable stringer. You can opt for one of the methods to string a crossbow. When you consider stringing with your hands, you need your muscle energy depending on the crossbow’s draw strength.

Can You Leave A Crossbow String?

It would be best to treat your crossbow like other firearms because it is also a hunting weapon. It can cause damage to you, your family, or your property. Even you should not walk or climb onto the treestand with your crossbow cocked. When your hunting session for each day ends, you should decock the crossbow.

How To String A Crossbow

You may forget to decock the crossbow and leave it. Therefore, it may do any harm to you if the loaded arrow may be released anyhow. For your family and property’s safety, make sure that after returning from your hunting mission, you should remove the bolt safely, and then you can go for sleep.

How To String A Crossbow?

When you go hunting with your crossbow, you should learn how to string a crossbow? Not only that, but you should also learn the process of unstringing the crossbow. You know that bowstrings wear out after so many shots. However, in not more than two separate ways, you can string a crossbow. Both require your effort and energy, but you can do the whole process effortlessly with a cable stringer.

On the other hand, you need more energy and muscle strength if you want to string without a stringer. Different crossbows come with different draw strength, so you need to engage your muscle strength depending on the draw strength. In this article, you will learn both methods of string a crossbow so that you don’t have any trouble while stringing.

Stringing by your hands

In this method, make sure you are stronger enough to pull the limbs of the bow. The more draw strength your crossbow has, the more muscle strength you will need to string the crossbow. However, let’s jump into the central part. You can attach the string either of the nocks of the bow limb. So, first of all, you should attach one loop onto any of the nocks.

After doing so, it is time to attach the other loop of the string onto the other end of your crossbow’s limb, right? In this case, you need to bend the barrel of the bow by your hands, putting pressure on it. To do so, you have to put the crossbow on the hard ground so that you can put your foot into the stirrup. Also, you will find the best crossbow under 400 to make a successful hunting journey.

By pulling the bow’s limb that has not been attached to any loop, you can bring the empty nock towards you. You may need more pressure and muscle strength to pull the limb but is a simple process. Now, you can easily loop the string to the empty nock of the bow.

With a bow stringer

This is the process of stringing a crossbow most hunters choose as it requires less effort. Also, within a few seconds, you can perform stringing your crossbow. All you need to buy a crossbow stringer to make things happen. Being a very straightforward process, you can do it comfortably and rapidly.

Like stringing by hand, you need to start the process by looping the string onto any of the crossbow’s nocks. Other ends of the bowstring should remain open because you will attach it onto another nock of the limb after connecting the cable stringer.

After drawing the stringer to the bow’s safety lock, you can easily loop the string onto another nock of the limb. You are done with stringing your crossbow. Now, you should take off the stringer from the crossbow.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the stringing process of a crossbow, you may require to know more. Therefore, I have come up with the most important questions with their answers. Here are some frequently asked questions you may need to know.

Do you twist a crossbow string?

Twisting may make the bowstring shorter while increasing the brace height. Conversely, twisting out the string will provide you a long string but, at the same time, a smaller brace height.

How long should a crossbow string last?

Bowstrings wear out after so many shots. Depending on your maintenance and care, the bowstring may last 4 to 5 years. Otherwise, the string of your crossbow may last only 2 years.

How many shots on a crossbow string?

The draw weight is one of the essential factors to shoot with your crossbow. You should add wax to the string after every fifty shots, and also need to lube its rail to make smooth shots with it.

How often should crossbow strings be replaced?

It also depends on your care and maintenance of the crossbow string. If you take care of the string after every hunting session, it will last longer. But you should replace your crossbow string after two years.

Final Thought

So, how to string a crossbow? It is not a difficult task; you cannot do yourself. You can do it in two different processes- by hand and with a stringer. It would be best if you had some muscle strength as well to string a crossbow.

If you want to do it without a stringer, you should put more muscle strength, followed by less muscle strength for a stringer. Depending on the crossbow draw strength, you have to determine how much effort and energy you require to complete stringing a crossbow.

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