What Size Crossbow For Deer Hunting 2021?

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Hunting deer with a crossbow is a fantastic experience for the hunters across the globe. A crossbow does not require you to be an expert hunter because it is easy to operate the hunting tool. Those who have the experience of shooting with a rifle can shoot a crossbow comfortably. Different types and sizes of crossbows are available in the market.

You may be wondering, finding the answer to the question- what size crossbow for deer hunting? Depending on the types of hunting animals, you need to choose a crossbow. Different crossbows have different draw weights, you know. However, in this article, you will learn everything about the size and which crossbow should be better for you.

What Size Crossbow For Deer Hunting?

A moderate range of crossbows can help you kill a whitetail deer because almost all crossbows are the same ranges. You will find them ranging from 150 pounds to 175 pounds, which is adequate for you to make a kill. Some crossbows come with more than 200 pounds that are also suitable for hunting your target animal in the wilderness.


But the more significant the crossbow is, the better it should be for hunting. These crossbows are faster, too. State to state, the draw weight of the crossbow varies. That said, you can use a more massive crossbow like over 200 pounds in the state of Ohio because this is the maximum draw weight limit there.

Some Great Tips You Should Know About Deer Hunting With A Crossbow

The popularity of hunting with a crossbow is upswing among the hunters worldwide. Most of the states allow you to hunt deer with a crossbow, and others are legalizing the weapons for the hunter to use them. Before you start to shoot with a crossbow, you have to know some tips about them so that you can make a successful hunting mission this year.

Whether you are a pro hunter or a beginner, you should find the tips I will provide you helpful, and you can hunt comfortably. You should know the range of your hunting session. Besides, it would be best if you learned many other essential things before you head over to start your hunting session.

Practice is everything

If you want to master any skill, you should practice more and more. Without practicing real-world shooting, you should not start hunting with a crossbow. It takes time to master the art of shooting a crossbow. You may need to pull from a treestand or ground blind. Firing effectively from these positions, you have to practice a lot before hunting with your crossbow.

Apart from that, you may need to shoot when there are low-light conditions in the forest. For all these situations, you have to prepare yourself by practicing real-world shooting with it. When you shoot during the practice session, you also need to judge the ranges between the target and its position.

Load and unload with care

You know that a crossbow shares almost the same basics as a rifle. Therefore, you should be careful while operating the hunting weapon. It would be best if you treated the crossbow like a firearm. It would help if you did not point your crossbow at something you are not going to shoot. For better safety, lock the bow after you have loaded it for the next shot. It is most crucial to answer the question- what size crossbow for deer hunting?

It should not be wise for you to climb on a treestand with the crossbow loaded. You can load it after jumping on the stand. Even don’t walk to your desired location with a loaded crossbow. You may experience any danger at any time. Therefore, you should follow all the safety rules of a firearm for your crossbow.

Bolts and broadheads

When choosing bolts or arrows for your crossbow, you have to make sure you have chosen them according to your needs. There are different types of bolts and broadheads out there in the present market. More substantial bolts can perform better, and you should go for 300 to the 350-grain range for your crossbow to hunt any animals.

Both fixed-cutting edge broadheads and expandables will function admirably on the medium-sized game. Whatever broadhead style you pick, practice with the bolts and broadheads you plan to chase with, as tracking broadheads once in a while shoot to a similar purpose or effect as a field focuses. Numerous broadhead makers incorporate a training head with their items and are a satisfactory substitute for the genuine article.

Safety first

Not only for you but also the crossbow, you have to maintain the safety-first rules. Before you release the arrow from your crossbow, take a close look at the trigger’s finger pull. If you do not ensure it properly, there will be an adverse effect on the flight, which may be harmful to your bow.

Though most crossbows come with extreme built-in safety, you should follow the rules of using a crossbow to betterment you. Never put the crossbow in any wrong direction rather than a safe direction. While firing standing on a stand, you need to wear a harness for your proper safety measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The section of the frequently asked questions for the article will help you get the most accurate answers. So, if you have any queries like that, you can get suitable answers here.

How far can you shoot a deer with a crossbow?

If you want to shoot at 400 fps, you need a modern crossbow. You don’t need as much speed to kill a deer. With your crossbow, you can hunt a deer at 200 yards, which should not be recommended.

Can you kill a deer at 100 yards with a crossbow?

A 400-grain arrow that can go at 400 fps from your crossbow can kill a deer at 100 yards. Most modern crossbows come with a fantastic speed of 400 fps, which is more than enough to kill a deer.

Where is the best place to shoot a deer with a crossbow?

You can kill a deer shooting at its different body parts. But broadside shot is more preferable and convenient for you when you go for shooting a deer with your crossbow to kill the animal.

Final Thought

Depending on your needs, you have to consider what size should be the best for you. Different sizes are available in the market. It should be better for you to find one from the nearest hunting tool’s shop.

They may suggest to you what would be better for your needs. I hope that the answer to the question- ‘what size crossbow for deer hunting?’ is clear to you.

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