Where to shoot a turkey with a crossbow? – You Should Know Must

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Turkey is one of the best choices for hunters to hunt. If you want to hunt a turkey, you have to understand the behavior and movement of turkeys. Also, you have to understand their body parts where to shot to kill them humanely. Hunting a turkey should not be the only thing for a hunter, but it should be in a human manner.

Therefore, you should spend hours mastering the skill of accuracy. Otherwise, you may not end up hunting a turkey rather than to wound the prey. You can hunt a turkey with your crossbow because it ensures more accuracy than a compound bow.

Can You Shoot A Turkey With A Crossbow?

Nothing should be as amazing as to shoot a turkey with a crossbow. There are many reasons for this, as well. A crossbow ensures proper accuracy and can target your prey at a great distance without losing your attention. While releasing the arrow, you don’t have to concentrate on the drawing strings.

Where to shoot a turkey with a crossbow

Not only that, you require less effort to operate a crossbow to hunt a turkey. Therefore, all your attention should be on the prey, meaning that you can aim the turkey and shoot. Also, it does not require much experience to shoot with a crossbow for a turkey.

Where To Shoot A Turkey With A Crossbow?

Before going to shoot a turkey with a crossbow, you have to understand the behavior and movement of the turkey. There are several magazines as well from where you can learn them easily. Also, you have to master the art of targeting the turkey at the best spots of their body. However, this article will lead you to let you know where to shoot a turkey with a crossbow.

Standing position while facing away

A skilled hunter can make a perfect shot at the bird’s backbone. If you can ensure the spot of the backbone of the turkey, it will immediately immobilize, and it will die soon. A good hunter should hunt a bird humanly. When you see the turkey is standing upright still, it is your perfect time to make the shot.

So, all you have to do is wait for the desired position of the bird and release the arrow. Make sure you don’t shoot while the turkey is feeding or walking because its spine will move, and you cannot target well.

Standing position while facing you

It is another favorite position for the turkey hunters. With a crossbow, you can shoot a turkey below its neck. But the thing is not as easy as you are thinking. You have to wait for the position as well. Get ready for the shot and wait until it faces you.

When it faces towards you uplifting its head, you will see the correct position below its neck. If everything is alright, you will see that the arrow will break the turkey’s back and other vital portions. In this way, you can hunt a turkey with a crossbow.

Strutting position while facing away

Sometimes, you will see that the turkey is walking away in their full strut. This is the greatest time to hunt a turkey because you can easily aim at the base of the tail. The position will allow you to set your target where to shoot with your crossbow. As a crossbow is a great way to hunt at a long distance, you can comfortably set the target at the base of the tail of the turkey.

Strutting position while facing towards you

Point somewhat beneath the recognize his facial hair becomes out from his plumes, and the shot should bring about a crushed spirit and harm to the vitals. Other than that, you have to make sure when it faces towards you; you have to make the final decision and release the arrow.

Target broadside

This is the most crucial technique to hunt a turkey. With a crossbow, you can make your aim where the wings of the birds are joined with its body. Take time to make the target and when you are done, release the arrow. The arrow will kill the bird and pierce the heart and lung of the bird, ensuring the hunt for the day.

Strutting position with broadside

It is similar to target a turkey at the broadside of their body. But in this situation, it is something different. While strutting and leaving the broadside towards you, fix the target at the broadside and relapses the arrow as per your preparation. This technique must ensure the kill of the bird with a crossbow.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hunting Turkeys With Crossbows

Hunting turkeys with crossbows have merits and demerits as well. The article will show you the exact things about the advantages and disadvantages of crossbows for hunting turkeys.


  • With a crossbow, you can ensure more accuracy while hunting a turkey with it. It means that you can fully concentrate on the target without focusing on the strings and cables of the crossbow.
  • A modern crossbow can shoot at a long distance, and it is up to 500 yards, which allows you to make the target at a greater distance. So, it is fun where the turkey is to target with a crossbow.
  • A crossbow is easier to handle and requires almost no effort to shoot. So, if you don’t have much experience, you can still hit a turkey with the crossbow.
  • Shooting a turkey with a crossbow is pretty easy for you, especially if you have the experience of operating a rifle. Yes, it is almost the same in every aspect, like a rifle.
  • The arrow of a crossbow can pierce the heart and lung of your targeted turkey if you can aim perfectly and release the arrow accordingly.


  • While releasing the arrow to kill the turkey produces much noise, especially if you do not lubricate its rail regularly. You can miss your targeted turkey for the produced noise.
  • A crossbow is heavier in comparison to other compound bows out there in the market. Therefore, you can lose your aim sometimes with excessive weight.
  • Sometimes, your limbs can get struck the corner of the blind, which is another cause to miss your targeted turkey.
  • It takes more time to load an arrow to a crossbow. The delay of reloading an arrow can be a reason for you to miss the target.
  • The velocity of the crossbow is not enough to make sure to hunt prey at a longer distance. Because the speedy arrow sometimes may change its direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Probably, you might have some questions in your mind, and you are searching for their answer, right? Well. Here are a few frequently asked questions with their proper answer to not have any queries left in your brain.

Can you kill a turkey with a field point?

Chances are you may lose a turkey you want to kill with a filed point because they are, in most cases, small and tough as well.

What is the best time to turkey hunt?

From spring and mid-to-late fall, you can go for hunting turkeys. But most importantly, you have to consider in which state you are going to hunt turkeys.

Can you turkey hunt all day?

No. Turkeys are found at daylight, and they live on trees at night. So, daytime is the most suitable time for hunting turkeys. And, you should not hunt any at night on the tree.

Final Thought

Before going to hunt turkeys, you should prepare yourself to know the spots. Also, you have to practice the accuracy of the crossbow. However, in this article, I have tried to let you know where to shoot a turkey with a crossbow and how to kill them humanly.

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